Social learning theory

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  • Social learning theory
    • Assumptions
      • Proposed that people learn through: observation and imitation of others in social context
      • SLT suggests learning occurs directly (classical/operant) but also indirectly
    • Vicarious reinforment
      • Type of indirect learning as the individual observations the behavior of others, they may imitate but only when the behavior is rewarded rather than punished
      • individual observes the behavior but most importantly the consequence
    • Role of mediation processes
      • described as the 'bridge' between SLT and cognitive approach' due to the focus on ow mental factors are involve in learning
      • 1) Attention - extent we notice certain behaviour
      • 2) Retention - how well behaviour is rembered
      • 3) Motor reproduction - ability to perfrom the behaviour
      • 4) Motivation - will to perform based on the reward/punishment
    • Identification
      • Children are more likely to imitate the behavior of people whom hey identify (role models) called modelling/ Role model if they have similar character or high status


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