Social Influence-Studies

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  • Social Influence Studies
    • Sherif- Informational social influence
      • Projected a point of light on a board
      • participants were asked how far it moved
      • Groups of 3 participants
    • Asch- majority influence
      • Groups of 5-7 people
      • Shown a set of 3 line which they had to match with one other line
      • 74% conformed at least once on the incorrect group
    • Zimbardo- social roles
      • mock prison in stanford university.
      • 12 participants were guards and 11 were prisoners
      • 3 participants had to leave due to psychological distress
      • Conformity to social roles is a powerful human behaviour
    • Milgram-Obedience to authority
      • 40 male participants
      • Teacher- real participant     Learner- actor Experimenter- actor
      • 100% went to  300 volts
      • 65% went to 450 volts- deadly
    • Hofling et al
      • 22 nurses in a real hospital
      • given instructions to give 20mg of a made up drug from a fake doctor
      • 21/22 nurses obeyed
    • Bickman
      • Actors dressed as a security guard, a milkman and a "normal" person
      • Passerbys were mostly likely to obey the security guard and least likely to obey the normal person
    • Moscovichi et al- minority influence
      • shown a series of coloured sides
      • Groups of 4 real participants and 2 confederates
      • 2 experiments- confederates always answered incorrect and the other only some of the time
      • the consistent group was 8x more successful
      • Behavioural Characteristics
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