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  • Social Impacts
    • Positives
      • Maintains and can rescue the culture andtradition
      • 'Locals are happy to have jobs' says Denise Shante, Canadian property broker
      • It has also changed the lifestyle of those living in rural areas as they not choose to stay and aid with their community development
        • Indigenous Reserves = good example
    • Negatives
      • Conflict arose between country's orginal tourism model of sustainable tourism
      • Traditional low impact hotels are being replaced with huge resorts
      • Uncontrolled growth due to lack of land use planning which is having environmental and social  consequences
      • 'Privatization' of beaches and resorts has led to local communities being affected
  • Economic Impacts
    • Positives
      • Direct & Indirect jobs created
      • Money earned by govt can benefit different industries
      • Infrastructure is improved using money from tourism
    • Negatives
      • Idea of making money becomes the main motive and beats the eco-tourism which was what initially brought tourists
  • Environmental Impacts
    • Positives
      • Due to the rapid increase in tourism, eco-tourism has developed and this will have many positive environmental effects
      • 'When natural resources are viewed as assets, the community and those depending on tourism in the region are motivated to protecting and maintaining the environment'
        • As shown by the development of eco-tourism
        • This has helped with the conservation of biological diversity as many national parks and wildlife reserves have been created.
      • 'People who used to depend on hunting/mining etc have now seen the oppurtunity to live off tourism'
        • 'Instead of hunting, some have established wildlife reserves'
        • 'Instead of killing the sea turtles and selling their eggs, they protect them to ensure more visitation to the area'
    • Negatives
      • Conflict with nature when building resorts
      • Activities must be controlled so that habitats are sustained and not destroyed
      • Less 'flora and fauna' can be found in Guanacaste due to building of resorts
      • 1/2 of the monkey population in Costa Rica have been killed due to resorts being built in jungle habitat
      • Leatherback turtles find it hard to breathe due to pollution from Tamarindo
      • Pollution and lack of water due to resorts, cruise ship ports
      • Lights from cities are disorientation hatchlings  - they go towards the cities rather than out to sea
      • Must weigh the benefits of money vs loss of greenery and habitats and biodiversity


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