Social class and crime

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  • Social class and crime
    • Social Attitudes Survey 2012- suggests that social class is harder to assert social class
      • Postmodern society- cannot base social class on occupation or demographic factors
      • Criminal areas are usually- people in poverty, poor housing, poor access to education, low-income families and active drug abuse problems
    • CARLEN
      • Women that commit crimes have often experience poverty and homelessness
    • It may not be that the working class commit more crime, though are more likely to be convicted
      • CICOUREL
        • Negotiation of justice
      • View benefitting as criminiogenic
    • SEU 2002 reported that prisoners were more likely to have: been in the care system, be poorly educated, experienced unemployment, come from benefit-dependant families
    • Middle class have access to more 'sophisticated crimes' i.e. fraud and theft
      • Fraud committed online- working class don't have access to computers etc
      • Less likely to be found out: can claim on business expenses, matters dealt with internally to prevent bad press
    • Poorer people more likely to be victims of crime- due to poor housing and security. TWICE AS LIKELY TO BE VICTIMS
    • MARXISTS see crime as a function of class- working class resist capitalism
    • FUNCTIONALISTS/ NEW RIGHT see crime as a result of poor socialisation
    • INTERACTIONISTS claim poor are more likely to be labelled as criminals


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