Class power and crime

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Class differences in crime - Working class more likely to offend

  • functionalism - Crime is a product of inadequate socialization into the shared culture.
  • Strain Theory - Class structure denies working class opportunity to achieve by legitimate means
  • Subculture Theory - Working class young people are deprived and unable to achieve in the education system, failure raises status frustration - leads to subculture
  • Labelling Theory - Rejects the view OS show a valid picture of which class commits the most crime. Enforcement have the power to label working class as criminals 

Marxism, class, and crime -

  • Agree law enforcement is against the w.c and OS are flawed
  • however, they criticize labeling theory for ignoring capitalism

Criminogenic Capitalism - Capitalism is criminogenic, it's very nature causes crime

Working class crime - Capitalism is based on the exploitation of the working class for profit, as a result:

  • Poverty may mean crime is the only way some can survive
  • crime may be the only way of consuming goods, advertised by capitalism
  • Alienation may lead to frustration and aggression, leading to crimes.

Ruling class crimes -

Capitalism - win at all costs - encourages greed…


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