Situation Ethics Evaluation

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  • Situation Ethics Criticism
    • Is Fletcher's understanding of agape religious or is it nothing more than wanting the best for the person involved?
      • Yes it is religious
        • Agape makes it compatible w/ other christian apporaches
        • Bultmann- Jesus had no other ethics apart from "Love thy neighbour" which Fletcher honours w/ S.E
        • MacNamara- "if you are a Christian believer... your faith commitment is bound to have some implications for your moral vision and life
        • C.S. Lewis- "Charity is the love that serves regardless of changing circumstances"
          • Recognises Agape as specifically Christian virtue to achieve
      • No it isn't religious
        • By using love you are showing unconditional love, however it can be taken advantage of.
        • 1956- situationism was banned from the RCC
        • Pope Pius XII- claims sit. ethics is un-Christian as it seeks to break the rules of christianity if necessary
        • St Paul- rejects "Do evil so that good may come", ends never justify the means. This contradicts Fletchers fund. principle that "Love is the only means"
        • Kant- categorical imperative (Rules are set and have to be adhered to) isn't compatible w/ Sit. Ethics
    • Does the rejection of absolute rules make moral decision making completely individualistic and subjective?
      • MacQuarrie- "Radical situation ethics suffer from the allied vice of subjectivism"
      • Situation Ethics fails to recognise that people use their own understanding and opinions to make decisions
      • It abandons all absolutes (rules) and tries to make complex situation easier to resolve
      • It is unclear whether it can be used to serve the needs of justice


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