Situation ethics as a a guide to making moral decisions

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  • Situation ethics as a guide to making moral decisions
    • Jesus appeared to follow situation ethics as he thought the old testament was unloving
      • Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath even though it was outlawed in the Ten Commandments
    • It is wrong to ignore the consequences of your actions. Do what will produce good results.
      • Christianity is a religion of love and forgiveness - Christians should make decisions based on love not law
    • Jesus' most important statement was the golden rule : love God and love your neighbour as yourself
      • This shows Jesus wants people to do the most loving thing
    • God would not have given laws in the Bible if they were not to be followed
    • We should follow what other Christians agree is the right way behave - Bible, Ten Commandments etc
      • A person can never know all of the acts and they do not know what the results of their action will be
    • The Church knows better about what decision should be made - not a person's own idea


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