significance of meiosis

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  • Signifacance of Meiosis
    • Meiosis and variation
      • crossing over during prophase 1
      • random assortment of chromosome in metaphase 1
      • random distribition of and segregation of sister chromatids during metaphase and anophase 2
    • Mutations
      • DNA mutations occur during interphase
      • Chromosome mutations may also occur
      • if mutations occur during fertilization the mutation will be present in offspring
    • crossing over in detail
      • non-sister chromatids wrap tightly at the chiasmata causing the chromatids to break, so the broken ends join the non-sister chromatid of the same bivalent
      • this produces new combinations of alleles
      • the chiasmata remains in place until anaphase 1 holding materna and paternal opposite ways so one memeber goes to each pole


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