Revolutions in Naples and Sicily

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  • Sicily and Naples revolutions
    • Sicily
      • they mainly wanted to become free from naples
      • there was an outbreak of cholera, leading people to feel desperate
      • Sicilians thought that King Ferdinand I had little concern over their welfare
      • revolutionaries declared they were no longer under the command of King Ferdinand
        • there was an uprising in Palermo
      • They freed themselves from Ferdinand's control
      • But once he regained power in Naples, he defeated Sicilian revolutionaries
    • Naples
      • The main reason behind people revolting over in Naples was because people were influence by Sicilians
      • A large demonstration demanded a constitution from Ferdinand
      • He did so
        • Freed press from censorship
        • Formed a National Guard
      • Ferdinand asked for help from Austrians
      • Austrian troops managed to restore Ferdinand back to his throne
  • A large demonstration demanded a constitution from Ferdinand


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