She walks in Beauty

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  • She Walks in Beauty
    • Lord Byron
      • Ideal Romantic
        • notorious life
          • left England due to a failed marriage, scandalous affairs and debt
          • went to Italy and had an affair with the wife of an Italian nobleman
          • fell for his cousin Margaret
          • fell for her at a funeral but she was already married
        • mad
        • bad
        • dangerous
        • overarching beauty
        • obsessive
        • nature
        • raised on a pedestal
      • Anglo-Scottish
      • friends with Percy Bysshe Shelley
        • Mary Shelley and he half sister whom he fathered a child with
      • went on a 2 year tour of Mediterranean countries
        • died of a fever in Greece whilst fighting for independence from Ottoman Empire
    • structure
      • 3 stanzas of sestets
      • regular ABABAB scheme emphasises the woman walking and her perfection
      • Iambic tetrameter used for Hebrew melodies
    • form
      • lyric
        • designed to accompany music
        • love, beauty and nature
          • the more humans are exposed to nature the more beautiful they become
          • speaker is the lover and poet himself
          • merges both nature and woman's beauty but cocludes hers is superior
      • poetic
    • stanza 1
      • "she walks in beauty, like the night"
        • the night is flawed next to the subject
        • compliment- her beauty is endless
        • extended description
        • night is changing-not constant
        • mourning
          • haunting
            • eerie
      • "of cloudless climes and starry skies"
        • alliteration places an emphasis by comparison
          • harsh consonant
          • soft sibilance
          • "dark and bright"
            • opposing ideas show the contradictory and contasting beauty of this woman
              • two opposing ideas are harmonious in this being
      • "tender light which heaven to gaudy day denies"
        • enjambement reflects the excitement- the speaker cannot take a break
        • too bright and rash
        • mysterious night- day is too open, revealing
        • amorous intentions, rendezvous at night between loves, secretive, passionate, thrilling
    • other poems
      • Sonnet 116
        • "on that cheek, and o'er that brow"
        • beauty fades
      • La Belle Dame
        • bewitching beauty
      • Non Sum Qualis
        • obsessive love


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