She dwelt among the untrodden ways

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  • She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways
    • Purpose
      • appreciates splendour through transient images
      • surface simplicity of thought vs underlying complexity of feeling
    • Content
      • Wordsworth described a young, unmarried woman with a mysterious air
      • conveys poet's intense feelings
      • 'she' is presented as an innocent and pure character, full of life, untouched by the outside world
    • Tone
      • sombre, solemn
      • admiration, beauty, innocence
      • main theme is death, described/ grieved for throughout
    • Structure
      • ballad/ romantic poem
      • 3 quatrains of simple language
    • Analysis
      • Stanza One
        • 'she' implies mystery and intrigue
        • emphasis on UNtrodden ways
        • rural scenery/ obscure setting
        • 'springs' =youth, vitality
        • 'maid'=girl or virgin
        • 'dove'= purity, untouched by outside world
        • first line suggests Lucy lived unrevealed and distant
        • live somewhere but no longer exist there
      • Stanza Two
        • Lucy embodies all beauty
        • short, everyday words create a powerful poem that emphasises on passionate feelings
        • 'violet'= shrinking violet, withdrawn, beautiful yet fragile as violets fade quickly (nature association reinforced'
        • 'mossy stone'= gravestone/ death/ mossy= will not be appreciated
        • 'half hidden' = unnoticed/ vulnerable
        • 'fair as a star'= remoteness, unrivalled splendour, venus, love, light-bearer
      • Stanza Three
        • 'lived unknown'= elusive figure
        • 'few could know where..'= emphasis on world's indifference to her reflected in the unemotional description of her death
        • 'and oh, the difference to me!'= poet's acute sense of loss conveyed by unexpected outburst of grief
          • rhythm broken= he is broken
        • simple, direct language charged with emotion


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