Sign of four main characters 2

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  • Sign of four main characters 2
    • Thaddeus Sholto
      • Colourful and amuzing
      • "Eastern luxury"
      • "He gave the impression of youth"
      • "the indian"
      • Colonisation if countries including India
      • The British feared the foreign and exotic
      • Shot out from among it lie a mountain peak from fir trees
        • Simile
    • Jonathan Small
      • One of the four
      • Has a wooden leg
      • "A poorly educated man, small active, with his right leg off, and wearing a wooden stump which is worn way upon the inner side"
      • I would rather swing a score of times, or have one of Tongas darts in my hide, than live in a convicts cell"
    • Athelney Jones
      • Detective from Scotland yard
      • Inefficient and unscientific methods
        • Contrast with Holmes rational and  knowledgeable methods.
      • Congratulated in a newspaper
      • Holmes did "all the work" and "Jones gets the credit"
      • "no room for theories"
      • "facts are better than theories"
      • Arrested Thadeus
      • working class
      • Fixed ideas of what a criminal looks like
      • Feels superior to Sherlock even though hes working class
      • Stubborn and arrogant


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