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  • Sexual selection (Darwin, 1874)
    • Short term mating preferences
      • Men wish to impregnate as many women as possible to pass on their genes
        • Buss & Schmidt (1993): Men hastily depart after sex in order to avoid spending too much time with one woman - they want to move on and impregnate more
      • Women have no desire for casual sex as their perogative is to get pregnant with a man who has resources to look after the baby. Sex many times is pointless as they can only have one baby at a time
      • Clarke & Hatfield (1989): Researchers approached strangers and said "I find you very attractive, would you A) go on a date, B) go back to my apartment, C) have sex".
        • Women agreed A)50%, B)6%, c)0%. Men agreed A)50%, B)69%, C) 75%
    • Intrasexual selection
      • Members of the same sex compete for access to members of the opposite sex (usually males competing)
      • Victorious animal becomes the mate, so passes on the genes and traits that lead to success
    • Long term mating preferences
      • Men may eventually settle down to provide resources for their offspring to give them the best chance of survival in order to pass on family genes
      • Men want fertile women who can be impregnated successfully many times. Women want a man with resources
      • Buss (1989) 10,000 P's across 37 cultures. Survey found women sought 'good financial prospects', men sought attractive and younger women. Both wanted intelligence and dependability
    • Intersexual selection
      • Preference for members of the opposite sex to possess certain qualities, such as those that reflect health (height in men represents strength)
      • Whether or not mates will be good parents is also considered - such as ability to support offspring
    • Studies have shown men are more attracted to women when most fertile. Miller (2007): Lap dancers in oestrus phase earned twice as many tips
    • Does not explain homosexual relationships in any way
    • Determinism /reductionist: men will sleep around, women only desire babies. Higher order thinking/morals intervene.
    • Gender Bias: Research reports men desire casual sex more than women, but every time a man has sex with someone new, a woman does the same. There must be some benefits for the woman, but the evolutionary explanations do not explain this


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