Separating Mixtures

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  • Separating dissolved substances
    • Inks, dyes, food colurings
    • Chromoto-graphy
      • Separating mixtures
        • Filtration
        • Evaporation
          • Separating solids from liquids
    • Use paper and ink
    • Ink dot on paper, dip the paper in water just below the dot, the ink travels upwards and the colour separates
  • Separating solids from liquids
    • Insoluble substances
    • Filtration
    • The sand stays behind in filter paper = residue
    • Filter paper and a funnel
    • Water passes through the paper = Filtrate
  • Use evaporating basin and heat
    • Liquid evaporates and leaves crystals / residue
      • Separating solids from liquids




thank you this really help me and I got an A* in the test thank you



great mindmap! helped me with my hw getting me an A+

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