A2 ~ R.S AQA Revision ~ Marxism Summary

About time I gave something back I guess!

Mind map summary on the Marxist understanding of God - Please note this is for RELIGIOUS STUDIES, and NOT Sociology :)

Enjoy!! :)

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  • Marxism -  WOOOOOOO!!!
    • Human Construct
      • Needed by  those in poor social steads
        • Provides comfort as they previously felt alienated
        • Consequently formal religion was formed
          • Seen as another method with which to control people
            • More alienation! YAY!!
    • Peter Vardy
      • Marxism suggests: "religion is an ideology that legitimates the social status quo"
    • Formal Religion is "the opium of the people"
      • Mindless addiction to the false comfort/the allusion that
      • Doesn't actually help - maintains opression; helps the 'Bourgeoisie' stay at the top, while keeping those in lower steads in those positions and allows control
    • Does,  however, agree with the altruistic aspect of Religion
      • Muslim idea of Zakat: 2.5% surplus income given to the poor
      • Jesus' Parable of the Good Samaritan - helping indiscriminately
      • Fidel Castro: Parallels between Marxism and Christianity; at their heart they are both dedicated to making things better for the poor and are concerned for the disadvantaged.
    • Communism
      • Links - Desire for a completely fair society
        • Not the same thing though ;)


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