Sociology and Science

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  • Science and Sociology
    • Positivists
      • Positivists believe that sociology can be studied as a science.
        • 'Society can be studied exactly the same as the natural world is'
      • Patterns, Laws and Inductive reasoning
      • Positivists study society using a range of research methods to produce objective data!
      • Inductive sociology-This approach is where data is collected  and then the information is used to create different theories.
        • Verificationism - As more information and evidence is collected, claim of the truth & form a law/policy.
      • Macro theories & structural explanations as they help to see structures that existoutside of us that shape members behaviours.
    • Interpretivists
      • Supports social action theories such as symbolic interactionism and ethnomethodology
      • Society and people cannot be studied scientifically as theyre too complex and true meaning will not be uncovered through positivist way of stydying.
      • thry try and understand human behaviour through the point of view of the individual


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