I Saw Her Standing There - The Beatles . Analysis 1963

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  • "Saw Her Standing There" - The Beatles. Analysis 1963
    • Melody and Harmony
      • The song evokes a pleasurable and exuberant minging mood bc it's in E major
      • The tune covers a broad range and contains a mix of stepwise motion and broad jumps
      • Though not strictly a blues song, there is a bluesy flavour. The harmonic rhythm is slow and has infrequent chord changes, lots of blue notes in the melody. Lots of D and G naturals
      • There are tight vocal harmonies between Paul and John and feature an almost counterpoint.Even the falsetto used is kinda different to the bands at the time like the Beach Boys and the four seasons
      • The harmony plays a huge part in the shape of the verse, the first phrase establishes the key
      • The static harmony of the bridge creates a sense of expectation and exitement
    • Structure, rhythm and articulation
      • The slow chord changes that are outlined with pauls boogie-woogie bassline are juxtaposed with the fast rhythm
      • Ringo's elaborate syncopated drum fills (well elaborate for ringo) appear between sections
      • There is an improv guitar solo which is uncommon in their early stuff, there is alittle one in "love me do" and that's about it
      • The screaming and hanclaps are just for catchiness and lend nothing to the melody or whatever


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