"Seargent Pepper" Beatles album

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"Seargent Pepper" Beatles album

Concept album

  • Loneliness
  • Segue between songs
  • Characters
  • Audience sounds


  • Album went on tour rather than band
  • Recorded in 1966
  • Abbey Road studios
  • Album to experiment with more complex and interesting elements


  • Vocals
  • Strings in "She's Leaving Home" - classical
  • Indian influences - sitar, sarangi, tabla, tambura
  • Bass guitar
  • Vintage organ in instrumental section in "Benefit of Mr.Kite"


  • Quite complex
  • As if 3 separate songs in "A Day In the Life"
  • Some simple
  • Refrains
  • Bridges
  • "Within You, WIthout You" - Alap, Jhor and Jhala - Indian influence


  • ADT - Automatic Double Tracking


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