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  • Satellite Navigation
    • Uses
      • Check speed and warn about speed cameras
      • Get traffic reports to avoid congestion
      • Find alternative or scenic routs
      • Find conveniencessuch as gas stations
      • Geocaching
        • Outdoor high-tech 'treasure hunt'. Players locate hidden containers, geocaches, using GPS
    • Use GPS to plan routes and give directions
    • Health and safety risks
      • Might distract drivers as they try to adjust settings which could cause an accident
      • Can cause 'blind spots'
      • Could lead driver to incorrect destinations
    • Pedestrian sat navs
      • Small
      • Waterproof
      • Shockproof
      • Navigating in cities/countrysides
      • Contain a compass
    • Convergence
      • When digital devices take on functions normally found in other devices
      • Caused sales of dedicated sat navs to go down
        • Smartphone apps created instead
    • Dedicated sat nav or smartphone app?
      • Smartphone - advantages
        • Small, light, easy to carry around
        • Can download apps
        • Always likely to have phone on you, so you will always have your sat nav with you
      • Disadvantages
        • Sat nav apps are expensive
        • Drains battery life quickly
        • Could be charged for using data, roaming charges if used abroad
    • Acessibility
      • Location of disabled parking areas
      • Information about 'disability-friendly' buildings and facilities


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