Topic 3: Home and Personal Communication Systems



Most computers are connected to networks which usually involves the Internet. This means that computer manufacturers include all the hardware and software that you need for connection when you buy the computer.

Satellite communication

  • Used for communiction across continents
  • Uses radio signals to send data
  • Data signals from one continent are beamed up to the satellite in orbit and then sent back down to a satellite dish in another continent

Wireless (WiFi)

  • Data travels through air rather than cables
  • users can work where and when they want
  • Can access the Internet on portable devices such as mobile phones, notebooks, PDAs etc...

What is a hotspot?

A reigon where the Internet can be accessed wirelessly.


  • You are not restricted to where you can work
  • You can work whilst on the move
  • Fewer/no trailing wires to trip over
  • It is easier to keep a working area clean if there are not as many wires in the way
  • No costs associated with sinking wires


  • The danger of hackers reading messages
  • There are areas where you cannot get a wireless network
  • There may be health risks

What is a modem?

A device that allows a computer to be connected to the internet.

  • Dial up- slow connection making use of a telephone line
  • Cable/broadband- fast broadband connection

Broadband modems

  • Much faster than dial up
  • Can use…


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