What Caused the Terror?

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  • What Caused the Terror?
    • Expulsion of the Girondins lead to less opposition to Montagnards
      • Thibaudeau said "the sessions became calm and unimpassioned"
      • There was no debate, anyone who disagreed were declared as a "royalist" or "Girondin"
    • Robespierre joining the CPS in July 1793
      • CPS could over-ride executive council, it practically became the government.
      • If 2/3 of the CPS agreed on something, it HAD to be passed by the Executive Council
      • Had control over the Representatives-en-mission
    • The safeguards to stop the CPS from being too powerful didn't work
      • Supposed to be 9-12 people in the CPS but Robespierre dominated it with Carnot and Saint-Just
      • Supposed to report to convention every week, but they never tell CPS to do anything differently
      • Conventions controlled finances but gave CPS money they wanted due to fear
    • They were determined to destroy counter-revolution and advance the war effort
      • Robespierre called the terror "prompt, severe justice"
      • Schama views violence was inherent from the start- culmination of violence that WAS the revolution
    • Increasing Role of the Sans-Culottes
      • 29th September- New Law of General Maximum laid down maximum price for grain, oil, etc.
      • 17th September- Law of Suspects as a result of demands for attacks on those oppressing the people.
        • Allowed them to find Charlotte Cordet, who killed Marat
    • Terror introduced to restrain excessive violence of the Sans-Culottes
      • Danton said "let us be terrible in order to stop the people from being so"


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