Ruth Characterisation 2

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  • Ruth
    • Instable
      • Makes efforts to draw K in (car back from N) and is brittle and dismissive at others (arguments at Cottages)
      • Most of the novel, readers may feel its difficult to like her
    • Can we feel sympathy for her?
      • Sometimes appears to be a good friend
      • Empathise with her longing for individuality when trying to find possible
      • Lacks confidence
      • Desire for forgiveness and redemption shows reform
      • Death
        • struggling to "patrol and marshal better the separate areas of pain in her body" (231)
    • Believer
      • Entertains idea of one day working in an office
        • tells others "about the sort of office she'd ideally work in" ch 12
          • "ideally" empthasises idealistic nature
      • Hope to find possible
        • "she was completely set on going"
        • Extremely let down
          • Tells T to "shut up" and says K "never likes straight talking"
      • Finds Madame's address
        • "real chance" at getting a deferral
      • Fighter for fate
        • Reaction to Chrissie's completion
    • Perceptive
      • Correctly theorises that sex ed is for after H (95)
      • Correctly theorises that M is scared of students (33)
      • Leader of opinion/ bossy


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