Rounding Numbers - Unit 1

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  • Rounding Numbers
    • 3 basic rules
      • 1) Identify the position of the last didgit
      • 2) Then look at the next digit to the right - called the decider.
      • 3) If the decider is 5 or more round up the last digit. if the decider is less than 5 leave the last digit as it is.
    • Decimal Places (D.P)
      • To round off to 4 decimal place the last digit will be the 4th one after the decimal point.
      • There must be no more digits after the last digit not even zeros.
    • Significant figures (S.F)
      • 2) The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. significant figures follow on immediately after the 1st, regardless of being zeros or not zeros
      • 3) After rounding off the last digit, end zeros must be filled up, but not beyond, the decimal point.


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