Maths Keywords - Collecting and recording Data

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  • Statistics: An area of mathematics concerned with collecting and interpreting data.
  • Statistical problem-solving process: Form an idea to be tested - the hypothesis -> Collect relevant data -> Process and represent the data ->Calculate summary statistics -> Draw a conclusion
  • Data: The information that has been collected
  • ----Primary: Data that has been collected by the person who is going to use it
  • ----Secondary: Data that has been collected by somebody else
  • ----Qualitative: Data described in words
  • ----Quantitative: Data given as a numerical value
  • ----Discrete: Quantitative data that can only take certain numerical values
  • ----Continuous: Quantitative data that can take any numerical value
  • Population: The whole group of people you wish to find something out about.
  • Sample: A select number of people from the population that can be surveyed to represent the total population.
  • Biased sample: A sample that does not truly represent the population.
  • Random sample: A sample that has given every member of the population an equal chance of being chosen.
  • Strata: Non-overlapping groups within a population that share similar characteristics.
  • Stratified sample: A sample…


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