Romeo and Juliet Themes

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  • Romeo and Juliet Themes
    • Love
      • Act 2 Scene 2
        • Promise to marry
          • True love is irreplaceable and a rare occurence
            • When Romeo's fantasizedlove for Rosaline diminished since it wasn't genuine and was unreturned.
            • When they meet and talk for first time
              • If  it didn't happen (Romeo listened to Mercutio) Love would fade into nothingness
                • Play without cause or inspiration
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        • Venue for definitive character developements caused by love
          • Romeo
            • Matures  after leaving 'love' for Rosaline behind
          • Juliet
            • Love as a cause for rebellion
              • Introduces  idea of disowningname
                • If this didn't happen Juliet wouldn't have broken her parents' unspoken rule and married a Montague
        • Meet and talk for first time in play
          • Love is portrayed to be intense passion which is controlling  and can lead to irrational decisions.
            • When Romeo climbs over wall and endangers himself to see Juliet
              • Leads to impulsive decisions being made- such as Romeo attacking Tybalt- leading to tragic conclusion
            • When they discuss denouncing their names
    • Violence
      • Act 1 Scene 1
        • Sampson and Gregory are servants in the Capulet house hold.
          • Start it by  biting thumb at them
        • Also Abraham and another Montague servant
        • They fight
          • Important to play because it forces the prince to enforce death if fighting starts again
            • Important since Romeo is banished because of this rule.
          • Violence is an important part to the play because it is the main contributor to death.
            • If this didn't happen than Romeo wouldn't of killed Tybalt because mercutio and Tybalt wouldn't fought
    • Conflict
    • Death
      • Act 5 Scene 3
        • Paris dies
          • Paris asks to be laid next to Juliet in tomb
            • This portrays death as a romanticized event.
            • Almost a noble event since he dies protectingJuliet
              • Everyonein play dies a noble death- fighting for what they believe in
        • Romeo dies
          • Planned to be romantic and is accompanied with poetry.
            • If this hadn't of happenedJuliet wouldn't of killed herself,
        • Juliet dies
          • Still romantisized
          • Act of strength not weakness, showing how much she has changed.
        • Romeo makes an apology to Tybalt and offers revenge for his death by killing himself.
          • Death is an event that changes people and can overcomethe strictest of social boundaries.
        • If death hand't of been so present in this scene.
          • If Romeo hadn't of killed himself in the romantic and raw time it is than Juliet wouldn't of killed herself. The play would be deprived of tragic conclusion.
          • If Paris hadn't of died than he could'v e told of how in love the lovers were and observed the double suicide- retelling the story and leading to the same conclusion.
    • Family
    • Fate


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Good Resource, but it appears to be unfinished 



This resource is really helpful.



A very useful mind map which is quite useful for students especially those at the lower spectrum.



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Very interesting book. I'm 27 now, I read it when I was 23 or 24 years old. A friend advised it to me (she said you won't regret it). I remember when I read it, I could not leave it for another month. I thought about this book all the time, wondered what could be changed, and what if so or so. A book about the love of a boy and a girl, a book - Tragedy. Shakespeare is of course a master of his craft. Now I think to re-read it again, I think I will learn something new. So read on.

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