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To Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespeare wrote the play Romeo and
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Second level
The play was written in 1597.
The main themes are tragedy,hope,violence and love.
Third level
The play is about Juliet and Romeo falling in love,
being separated
Fourth level and getting back to each other. With
people dying and arguing along the way.
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scene 5 style
·The main characters in act 3 scene 5 are Juliet and lord
·In to
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3 scene text
5 Juliet and styles
lord Capulet have a argument
about Juliet
Second level marrying Paris. He says "go with Paris to saint
Peter's church or I will drag thee on a turtle thither."The
Third level
argument gets out of hand,lady Capulet(Juliet's mother)
steps in but gets knocked out the way by a slap to the face.
Fourth level
The nurse try to help but stops in fear of losing her job.
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Juliet speaks to her father in a desperately and distraught
manner is not trying to by rude. She is upset but her father thinks
she is being rude. As he says "doth she not give us thanks? Is she
not proud ? Doth she not count her blest, unworthy as she is, that
we have wrought so worthy a gentleman to be her bride?"
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Juliet only wants her father to listen to her. As she says to him"
Second level
hear me with patience but not to speak a word".
Third level
Her tone of voice should be desperate and pleading when she is
saying herlevel
lines as all she wants is to be listen too.
Fifth level
At this point I think the audience should be feeling sorry for
Juliet and shocked at what dad has said.…read more

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How Juliet feels style
At the end of this extract Juliet will be feeling
destruct, upset and worried because her dad has just
had a argument with her, been horrible to her nurse
and pushed her mum. she is worried to because she is
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scared edit
whatMaster text
he might styles if he will make
do next,and
her marry
Second Paris.
Third level
This scene was very important in my view because it
made juillet take drastic action by taking the potion.
Fourth level
To give her the appearance of being dead.which
Fifth in her really dieing.
level…read more


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