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  • Romeo & Juliet Themes - conflict -
    • The characters in romeo and Juliet have a strong sence of honour especially the males.
    • Shakespeare shows that they're easily drawn into duels and "quarrels" to defend their families' honour. this is due to the society in the elizathbethan period.
    • despite the fact that the Montague and Capulet feud is causing death shows that honour is more important than saving lives.
    • The fued between the families affect everything that occurs in the plot- most of the characters decisions are influenced by this in one way or another
    • Peaceful characters like Benvolio are forced to fight due to the importance of family honour.
    • The prince doesn't control their conflict correctly wiwth dire consequences as he would with others- he wants to keep the Montagues and Capulets happy because of their power and money.
    • Young and innocent characters such as romeo and Juliet are forced to do extreme things to avoid the feud
    • the violence within the play gets gradually worse through the play starting with a street brawl and ending with a double suicide
    • Its so dangerous for Romeo and Juliet to confess their love for one another to the families that they keep it a secret.
    • The contrast between the fighting and the romantic scenes makes the love between r&j seem more touching and beautiful.
    • They're prepared to struggle against the odds which makes their love even stronger.
    • Their relationship does end the feud but only after their tragic deaths
    • The only way to escape the feud seems to be death
      • "ancient grudge" - the prelude
    • "my only love sprung from my only hate" - Juliet (1:5)
    • "what, drawn, and talk of peace. I hate the word."- Tybalt


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