Romeo and Juliet

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theme- love

'Or if thou thinkest i am to0 quickly won.'- Juliet saying that Romeo tries to treat love as a game but Juliet wants to be straightforward about her feelings.

'he lent me counsel, and I lent him eyes' cupid is often shown as being blindfolded this suggest that love doesn't follow reason. its unpredictable.

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'thy purpose marriage,send me word tomorrow' - she is straightforward and knows what she wants.

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theme- Conflict

'where on a sudden one hath wounded me.'- Romeo compares falling in love with being wounded. this suggests the connection between love and conflict.

'A challenge, on my life.' this scene opens up with news of Tybalt challenging Romeo, this shows the audience how Romeo's actions are dangerous.

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Theme- Fate

'a pair of star-crossed lovers take their lives.' - Romeo and Juliet are star-crossed lovers we know from the beginning that they are going to die.

;stay fellow i can read' servants can't read so asks Romeo to read the note and this means Romeo finds out about the capulet party and so meets Juliet.

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he is unpredictable, impulsive and passionate. ''Romeo humours madman passion lover'

he is best friends with Mercutio. 'Romeo steps between them.' he is trying to save Mercutio. shows that he cares.

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