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  • Rollie & Duck's Model of Breakdown (2006)
    • (6) Resurrection processes
      • Recreating a sense of own social value, defining what to get out of future relationships,reframing of past relational life. "What have I learned and how could things be different?"
    • (3) Dyadic processes
      • Uncertainty, anxiety, hostility, complaints and discussion of discontents. " I mean it"
    • (2) Intrapsychic Processes
      • Social withdrawal, brooding on partners faults, re-evaluation of alternatives. "It'd be justified"
    • (5)      Grave-Dressing processes
      • Tidying up memories, stories prepared for different audiences to save face. "Time to get a new life"
    • (4)Social Processes
      • Going Public, support seeking from 3rd parties. "It's now inevitable"
    • (1) Breakdown
      • Dissatisfaction with the relationship/ "I can't stand this anymore"


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