relationship breakdown

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  • Duck's model sees that a relationship breakdown occurs through a series of stages if one partner is dissatisfied in the relationship 
  • Duck argued that a relationship breakdown takes time going through each stage and each stage is marked with one partner reaching a new threshold, where their perspective of the relationship changes
  • The first stage of the model is the intrapsyhic phase, which is where one partner privately percieves dissatisfaction in the relationship. This stage is a cognative proccess which occurs within the individual
  • The dyadic phase is the second stage where the dissatisfaction is discussed with the other partner. In this stage, there may be attempt to reconcil the relationship, although if this is unsucessfull then the couple will move on to the social phase
  • The social phase is when the relationship breakdown is made public to friends and family. In this stage, negoiations are made and discussed regarding children, finances etc. 
  • Finally, the grave dressing phase is the final phase of the model where a post-relationship view of the breakup is established. Each individual will carry out getting over it activities where


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