River Discharge

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  • River Discharge
    • Volume of water passing a measuring point in a river at a given time
    • Factors affecting river discharge
      • Land use
        • Quicker discharge on man-made sites. Decreased lag time.
          • Lack of interception
      • Shape, size of drainage basin
        • Small, round - quicker to reach rivers
      • Vegetation
        • Higher interception, less discharge
      • Geology; rock permeability
        • Impermeable - higher discharge as higher densities of surface streams
      • Precipitation; intensity and duration. Antecedent rainfall
        • Heavy rain on saturated soil - steep rising limb - higher discharge
          • More surface storage as water can't percolate
    • Storm Hydrograph
      • Shows changes in a river's discharge following a rain event.
      • Lag time
        • Time between peak rainfall and peak discharge
      • Receding limb
        • The decrease in discharge
      • Base flow
        • The normal river level


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