factors effecting river discharge

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  • Factors affecting the discharge in a River.
    • Human
      • Water abstraction
        • This will reduce river discharge as water is being removed from the river for other uses.
      • Channel modification
        • Reservoirs
          • These can either increase or decrease river discharge as they can control the flow of water.
        • channel straightning
          • This increases the discharge of water as it encounters less resistence.
        • flood storage areas
          • These encourage small scale flooding which reduces the rivers' discharge.
      • Land Use
        • Afforestation
          • This decreses discharge as there are more trees to infilitrate the percipitation.
        • Deforestation
          • This increases discharge as there are less trees to intercept the percipitation.
        • Urbanisation
          • Large amounts of impermeable concrete means the round cannot absorb the precipitation so it remains above ground and flows into surrounding rivers.
    • Natural
      • Distance downstream
        • the number of tributaries increase downstream so this increases discharge
      • climatic characteri-stics
        • More percipitation means more water flowing into the river
        • Cold weather may also restrict ground absorption of water.
      • rock type
        • the permeability of the rock increases or decreases discharge.
      • releif
        • Steep inclines increase discharge and gentle inclines reduce discharge.
      • soil moisture
        • Saturated soil results in rapid overland flow which increases discharge.
      • rainfall intensity
        • More rain equals more discharge as water is falling in the river and vice versa.
        • Higher intensity also means vegetation cannot absorb all the water.


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