River Eden River Basin Case Studies

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  • River Basin: River Eden
    • Background Info
      • In north- west England between the mountains of the lake district and the Pennines
      • It's source is in the Pennine Hills in south Cubria
    • Upper Course
      • Source is about 600m above sea level in an area of hard, resistant rock
      • The valley is steep sided due to vertical erosion and the channel has a steep gradient
      • River Channel is narrow and shallow
        • Means discharge is low and velocity is low due to friction from the channel sides and bed
      • The river carries large, angular stones
    • Middle Course
      • Made from sandstone, a soft, less-resistant rock which is easily eroded
      • The valley sides become gentle slopes and the gradient of the channel is less steep
      • River Channel also becomes wider and deeper
      • River's sediment load is made up of smaller and more rounded rocks than it was in the upper course
    • Lower Course
      • The valley is very wide and flat
      • By the time the Eden reaches Carlisle, it's only a few metres above sea level
      • The river has a high velocity because there's very little friction from the channel's smooth sides
      • River Channel is very wide and deep
    • Climate and weather
      • Temperature
        • Mild winters, temperatures can be much colder
      • Rainfall
        • During periods of intense rainfall, the ground becomes saturated, can cause the river banks to slide or slump into the river channel


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