River Zambezi CASE STUDY (LEDC)

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  • River Zambezi CASE STUDY (LEDC)
    • Natural Causes
      • Heavy long lasting rainfall.
      • Clouds are formed quickly
      • Climate change- global warming
      • Soil erosion- clogs up rivers
      • lots of thunder stoms causing floods
    • Human causes
      • deforestation- cutting down the trees didnt help.
      • Dams that had been build along the Zambezi interfere with the natural flow of the floodwater.
    • Short term responces
      • A state of emergency was declared- army helped
      • charities and aid agencies raised funds
      • Emergency aid was given for example, food, water, medicine, tents
    • Long term responces
      • The zambezi river basin initiative
        • help the communities with low food and water supplies
      • New dam
      • satellite picture taken


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