Riots and Rebellions - Weimar Republic (Germany) *The Years of Unrest*

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  • Riots and Rebellions
    • Left - Wing Revolution
      • Jan 1919 - communists tried to take over Berlin.
        • Karl Liebknecht
        • Rosa Luxemburg
        • They took control of important buildings.
          • Newspaper headquarters
        • 50,000 workers went on strike in support of the revolution.
      • Ebert asked for help from Friekorps.
      • Ebert asked the Freikorps to stop the revolution. Friekorps: Ex - German soldiers. Used violence which caused a split on the left between Social Democracy Party and the communists.
        • 100 workers killed.
    • Right - Wing Rebellion against the Weimar Government
      • March 1920, Friekorps took part in Kapp Putch (Revolt)
        • They wanted to create a new right - wing government
        • Freikorps marched into Berlin to overthrow the Weimar regime
      • Berlin was paralysed abd Kapp was forced to give up!
      • German workers opposed the Putsch and staged a general strike.
      • In 1922, some former Friekorps members assassinated Walter Rathenau (Jewish and foreign minister)


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