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  • Restoration
    • Divisions of Army
      • Lambert in his reinstatement of the Rump and subsequent removal was seen as faclitating the 'Quaker Cause'
        • His troops deserted on the way back to London to defeat Monck
        • Fairfax also turned against him when he was in the North
      • Portsmouth declared for the Rump, Rump was reinstated and Committee dissolved- Monck arrived 3 Feb 1660
    • Monck
      • Removed the armed forces of radicals - dismissed Fleetwood, Desborough and Lambert
        • Became Commander-in-Chief
    • Charles
      • With Monck's prompting he issued the Declaration of Breda on 4 April
        • Drafted by Clarendon, it promised 'liberty to tender consciences'
    • Convention Parliament
      • Free elections made a mostly moderate Parl
        • On 8th May it declared Charles II King


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