respiration investigation and evidence for chemiosmosis

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  • respiration - investigation and evidence for chemiosmosis
    • investigation
      • 1: a respirometer is used to measure the rate of oxygen is taken up
      • 2:each tube contains soda lime which absorbs CO2
      • 3:control tube sat up exactly the same with glass beads
      • 4: syringe used to set up fluid in manometre to a known level
      • 5: respirometre left for a set period of time e.g. 20 minutes
      • 6:there will be a decrease in volume of air due to o2 consumed by the organism
      • 7: decrease in volume reduces pressure in tube and liquid will move towards the tube
      • 8: distance moved in a given time is measure
      • 9: variable shpould be controlled e.g. temp and volume of soda lime
      • 10: repeat and take a mean to get a reliable result
    • evidence for chemiosmosis
      • pH of inter membrane space: it has lower pH than matrix meaning more acidic implying more H ions showing proton gradient
      • atrtificial vesicles: created from phospholipid bi layer to represent inner mitochondrial matrix and pproton pumps taken from bacteria and atp synthase added to membrane
        • proton pumps activated by light, pH inside vesicles decreases, due to protons pumped into vesicles
          • when adp and Pi added ATP was synthesised showing a proton gradient used to syntheise ATP
      • mitochondria placed in pH 8, when ADP and Pi added, there was no ATP synthesised when placed in pH 4 prototn gradient was created and atp synthesised
      • uncouplers are substances that destroy proton graident across inner mitochindrial membrane when NAD ADP and Pi added, not ATP, meaning proton gradient is needed


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