Resistance to social influence

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  • Resistance to social influence
    • Social support
      • The perception of assistance and solidarity available from others
      • Dissenters provide moral support that free someone from giving the correct answer
      • Early social support is more influential
    • Locus of control
      • External LoC - things turn out the way they do regardless of their own actions (external forces)
      • The extent to which individuals believe that they can control events in their lives
      • Internal LoC - they affect the outcomes of situations
    • Research supporting LoC
      • Moghaddam (1998) Japanese conform easier than Americans, higher external LoC
        • Suggests LoC is a universal concept
      • Avtgis (1998) Higher internal LoC less persuaded and likely to conform
    • Research supporting **
      • Allen and Levine (1971) Presence of dissenter reduced conformity in visual task, even when wearing thick glasses
      • Asch (1956) Dissenter answers correctly earlier, conformity drops from 32% to 5.5%
        • Dissents later then drops to 8.5%


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