Resistance to Social Influence - LoC and Social Support

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  • The presence of people who resist pressures to conform or obey can help others to do the same.
  • Pressure to conform can be reduced if other people present do not conform. This person acts as a model, they do not have to be giving the right answer but simply not conforming.
  • Asch's research shows that if this model starts conforming again, so does the naive ppt.
  • Obedience - social support can also help resist obedience, if another person is seen to disobey.
  • Dissenters are likely to be effective in reducing conformity rates because social support breaks the unanimous position of the majority.
  • Locus of Control (LoC)
  • refers to the sense we have about what directs events in our lives.
  • Proposed by Julian Rotter 1966
  • Internals - things that happen to them are controlled by themselves.
  • Externals - tendency to believe that things happen without their own control.
  • Continuum - people differ in the way they explain their successes and failures. There is a continuum with high internal LoC at one end and high external LoC at the other end. Low internal and external lying in between.
    • Resistance to Social Influence
      • INTRO - resistance to social influence refers to the ability of people to withstand social pressure to conform to majority. Influenced by situational and dispositional factors.
  • People with interal LOC are more likely to resist pressures to obey or conform. Tend to be more self confident, and less need for social approval. Lead to greater resistance to social influence.


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