RESEARCH METHODS - Content Analysis

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  • Content Analysis
    • General
      • analysis of some form of media - books, film, adverts etc
      • CODING: process of placing quan and qual data in categories
        • can be: turning qual into quan data
    • Two types
      • quantitative analysis - analyse content to produce quantitative data. using categories of content (need to operalationalised)
        • eg. looking at book, counting women shown doing traditional roles (cooking, cleaning etc), 2nd category - women doing untrad roles, then men doing trad and untrad
      • thematic - picking out themes in content, more subtle, produces qualitative info, quotes which reflect theme
        • time consuming and tricky, but once themes = identified, can be made into quantitative
    • Sampling method
      • a kind of sampling for researchers - every 5th page of a book etc
      • selecting - comparing content by random selection or certain characteristics (eg, genres)
      • sampling for ads? - every 30 seconds etc
    • Thematic sampling
      • difficult to summarise qual data (no measures of central tendency)
      • lengthy process - every item is considered and data gone through repeatedly
    • Evaluation (A03)
      • high ecological val - based on observations and current things
      • when sources can be replicaed and therefore observations can be tested for reliability
      • observer bias reduces objectivity and validty of findings
      • likely to be culture biased: verbal / written content is affected by culture of observer and behaviour categories used


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