Content analysis

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  • content analysis
    • What is content analysis?
      • The analysis of the content of something. Indirect observation.
    • How a researcher would use content analysis as a method?
      • Sampling method, method of recording data and method of representing data - similar to any observational study.
    • Strengths and weaknesses of content analysis
      • Tends to have high ecological validity and the observations can be tested for reliability
      • Observer bias reduces the objectivity and validity of findings.
    • Examples of quantitative content analysis
      • Manstead and McCulloch (1981) were interested in the way men and women were portrayed in TV ads.
        • They observed 170 ads over a one week period, ignoring those that contained only children and animals. In each ad they focused on the central adult figure and recorded frequencies in a table about things such as their role and the product type.
    • Examples of qualitative content analysis
      • Joronen and Astedt-Kurki (2005) studied the role of the family in adolescents' peer and school experiences
        • Semi-structured interviews with 19 adolescents aged 12-16
          • All answers to the same question were placed together and answer was compressed into a brief statement.
            • These statements were compared and categorised into themes based on similar content.


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