Media Representation

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  • Representation
    • Sexuality Theories
      • Foucault
        • Traditional gender stereotypes created by societies to create a construction of gender
      • Mulvey
        • Male gaze "Women are sexual objects of male desire"
      • McRobbie
        • "Women use their sexuality to get what they want"
      • Butler
        • Gender roles that we play are chosen to be conformed or resisted
    • Three Little Views
      • Constructionist View
        • A construction of reality
      • Intentional View
        • The producer's view
      • Reflective View
        • Showing the truth
    • Mediation
      • Hall's Gap of Meaning theory
      • Separates the 'real' with 'media real'
      • Celebrity myth is when mediation creates a false representation of a person.
    • Skyline, Masthead, Anchorage, Lexis, Typography
    • Audiences read representations in different ways, Hall's DON theory.


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