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  • Representation
    • Media Platforms
      • Broadcasting
      • E-media
      • Print
    • Representation is the process by which the media presents the 'real' world' to an audience.
    • Reflective view
      • Taking the meaning of something and trying to create a replica (like our own reflection)
    • Intentional view
      • Opposite to reflective view. People present their view of the thing they're representing.
    • Constructionist view
      • Feel that a representation can never be just the truth of the version of the trust which someone wants.
    • Mediation
      • Selection
        • not everything in the news or in the paper is included. A lot is left out as only interesting stories are selected (newsworthy)
      • Organisation
        • Elements are organised differently to real life e.g. visual media involves mise-en-scene and organisation of narrative.
      • Focusing
        • encouraging the audience to concentrate on one particular aspect of text meaning they ignore others.
    • When encountering media text, we don't just see reality but someone's version of it.


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