LAMB - History (Land, Army, Money, Blame) Germany post WW1

Reparations for Germany after WW1, loss of land, blame, demilitarisation and deduction of army.

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  • Reparations
    • Land
      • Alsace-Lorraine returned to France
      • Eupen and Malmedy given to Belgium
      • Northern Schleswig voted to become part of Denmark
      • Upper Silesia voted to become part of Poland
      • Danzig was made an international city
      • Colonies
        • France and Britain divided up German Kamerun and Togoland
        • Belgium gained Ruanda-Urundi in north west German East Africa
        • Portugal received the Kionga Triangle
        • German South West Africa was annexed to the Union of South Africa
        • Japan gained Germany's isles north of the equator (the Marshall Islands, the Carolines, the Marinas and the Palau Islands) and Kiautschou in China
        • German Samoa was assigned to New Zealand
        • German New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago and Nauru were given to Australia
    • Army
      • No more than 100,000 men to it's army
      • Navy restricted to 15,000 men
        • 6 battleships
        • 6 cruisers
        • 6 destroyers
        • 12 torpedo boats
        • No submarines
      • No manufacture, import or export
      • No armoured cars/tanks/aircrafts
      • Rhineland completely demilitarised and occupied by French troops
    • Money
      • £6,600 million
    • Blame
      • 'November Criminals'
      • Germany signed the War Guilt Clause, claiming full responsibility for WW1
      • Had to pay reparations (e.g. damage done to France)
  • Upper Silesia voted to become part of Poland


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