LAMB - the treaty of versailles

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  • The Treaty of Versailles - LAMB
    • Land
      • Alsace and Lorraine are given to France
      • Eupen and Malmedy are given to Belgium
      • Poland is made with German land
      • The Rhineland became an area of de-militarization
    • Army
      • No aircraft of Air force is allowed
      • Only 6 battleships and NO submarines
      • Only 100,000 soldiers were allowed
      • No tanks and No machine guns
    • Money
      • They had to pay a fine
      • They had to pay 6.6 billion pounds
      • Money had to be paid in instalments by cash and materials
    • Blame
      • Germany had to take the blame for starting WW1 - They had to take sole responsibility



very good revision material for the students 


very good resource material for the students as it is spread out looking at different bits i more description

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