Renaissance Period medieval Britain

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  • Renaissance Period medieval Britain
    • Individuals
      • Vasalius
        • Anatomy
          • insisted his students dissected on humans.
            • Proved Galen wrong (communication) that the jaw bone was 1 part not 2 and the breast bone was 3 not 7
              • He then published his results using the printing press (science and Tec)
                • He encouraged people to challenge Galen  and English doctors to travel to Italy, However his idea was stolen (translated to English with no credit) didn't lead to new treatment doctors refused to not believe in  Galen
      • Pare
        • Pare books were spread via printing press (TEC)
          • Encouraged other surgeons to try new techniques
      • Harvey
        • Anatomy and Physiology
          • By applying  observations of new technological discoveries such as water pumps (TEC)he was able to correctly explain that the heart pumped blood around the body he dissected live cold blooded animals
          • He also dissected on animals after reading on Vesalius (communication
          • He challenged Galen (Communication
          • The theory was rejected as he only had a theory that blood travelled from arteries to veins through capillaries, He couldn't prove it as he didn't have a microscope powerful enough (TEC)
      • Jenner
        • A country doctor who discovered a vaccine for small pox
          • A milk maid refused the inoculation because they were immune to cowpox (chance)
          • He cant prove why it works as there isn't a microscope powerful enough (science and tec)
          • many people didn't like his idea as he vaccinations were seen as dangerous
      • John Hunter
        • 1780
          • Scottish surgeon
          • wasn't respected, paid grave robber
            • He examined dead human bodies and was the first person to perform a transplant
          • He set up a museum in his legacy to educate people of his discoveries
    • hospitals
      • less influences on relgion
      • run by relgion
      • only certain illness
      • expected to use religious ideas
      • cost money
      • focused on body not illness
      • windows open
      • ran by individuals
      • separation to prevent contagious illness
      • specialist hospital
      • spread out beds
      • head protection so you don't have bugs fall on you
    • Trearments
      • Inoculation-a live form of a disease introduced in an controlled way to produced antibodies
        • cauterising- surgical technique of burning the skin or flesh to stop blood loss
          • vaccination-when a weakened form of a disease is injected into a person to produce antibodies
          • Quackery when a person sells medicine knowing full well that it doesn't work


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