Renaissance - Andreas Vesalius

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  • Renaissance Medicine Individuals - Vesalius
    • Was born in Belgium in 1514. His father was an Apothecary and his grandfather was a doctor.
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    • Published 'The Fabrica' (The Fabric of the Human Body) in 1543. It is a set of books written about the human anatomy, and is now considered to be a huge advance in medicine.
    • Was the first to correct the approximately 200 mistakes Galen made throughout his work. This was thanks to the fact that Vesalius dissected human bodies while Galen could only gain knowledge from animal dissection.
      • Was extremely unpopular with the public due to the fact that he doubted 1,300 years old medical work. Vesalius' own work was consequently ignored despite that it was correct.
    • In order to study human anatomy, Vesalius would rob graves and store the corpses in his room. He would also catch small animals to dissect.
      • He could put a full human skeleton back together and could provide an accurate map of the human body.
    • Often referred to as the founder of modern human anatomy.
    • Changed the way dissections were conducted.


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