Renaissance Medicine - c1500 to c1700

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  • Renaissance Medicine
    • change and continuity from the Medieval Period
    • renaissance means 're-birth'
      • when Ancient Roman and Greek ideas became fashionable again
      • new attitudes and ideas and people searched for more knowledge
        • educated people now wanted to find out knowledge for themselves
      • the reformation
        • led to changes in religion and the church began to lose some authority
    • The Royal Society
    • Humanism
      • a break form tradition - rejected the idea that God was responsible for everything. however they didn't have an alternative explanation yet
    • Thomas Sydenham
    • Andreas Versalius
      • to criticise Galen (who never performed dissections)  or Hippocrates could be very bad for your career
        • Thomas Sydenham
        • William Harvey
        • People were so stuck in old thinking that they tended to not believe new discoveries - especially because of the lack of evidence that most discoveries had
    • William Harvey
    • Ambroise Paré
    • Approaches To Treatment
    • Approaches To Prevention
    • The Great Pox - Syphilis
    • Exam Questions
    • Caring for the sick
      • Hospitals
      • pest houses
        • a hospital that specialised in one disease/ illness
      • community care
    • Physicians, Apothecaries and Surgeons
    • The Great Plague - 1665
      • Avoiding the Plague
      • Plague Doctors
    • Glossary
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