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  • Judaism
    • Kosher and Non Kosher
      • Only animals that are ruminant and have split hooves can be eaten
      • Meat and Dairy are not to be mixed
    • The Torah
      • The Torah is the first part of the Jewish Bible
      • The Torah refers to the five books of Moses.
        • Genesis
        • Exodus
        • Leviticus
        • Number
        • Deuteronomy
    • Shabbat
      • Shabbat is the most important ritual observance in Judaism.
        • Shabbat is primarily a day of rest and spiritual enrichment.
    • Presach
      • The primary observances of Pesach are related to the Exodus from Egypt after generations of slavery.
      • G-d "passed over" the houses of the Jews when he was slaying the firstborn of Egypt.
    • Bar Mitzvah
      • At the age of 13 (12 for girls), children become obligated to observe the commandments.


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