Religious and Secular ideas about the Nature and Value of human life

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  • Religious and Secular ideas about the Nature & Value of human life
    • Christian
      • Should love God and Neighbours as themselves
      • Divine destiny to serve God
        • 10 Commandments
      • Salvation makes humans valuable
        • Revelation/Parable of the Sheep and Goats
      • IMAGO DEI
        • Not through appearance but because they have a conscience and rational thought
          • Genesis - God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life
      • Against killing as humans are created in God's image. Murder is also prohibited in Edoxus (commandments)
        • Sometimes even killing in legitimate situations such as war is prohibited - known as Pacifism
    • Buddhist
      • Being born as a human is the greatest honour
        • Allows you to live a life where you have the ability to reach Nirvana and eventually Enlightenment
      • The 8 fold path gives instructions on how to be a good human/Have a good nature
      • As a human you are born close to the pivot of suffering and happiness.
        • Humans have a unique capacity for making moral choices
      • Don't see human life as sacred, however it is valuable
    • Humanist
      • See humans as more advanced than other beings
      • Humans a re rational - they can make ethical decisions based on reason, empathy, experience, concern and history
      • Humans give meaning to their own lives by seeking happiness and helping others to do the same
      • Human flourishing is dependent upon open communication, discussion and criticism
    • Secular
      • Mortal- We cannot survive bodily death
      • Many ideas in society see humans by nature as selfish and they need to be taught not to be. This selfishness comes from evolution and survival of the fittest .


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